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Transform your everyday drinking water into a crystal elixir

Elixir: a magical or medicinal potion.

We are a small women owned & operated company based in the US with a passion for healthy living. In 2010 while studying yoga in Bali, Indonesia, our Co-founder learned about the healing properties of crystals and how they can transform regular water into a crystal elixir. 

What is a crystal elixir?

Did you know that crystals are millions of years old and were formed during earth’s creation? Crystals have the unique ability of being able to retain all of the information they have ever been exposed to. Because of that, crystals are able to pass on their energy! That’s why they are so powerful next to water, their energy can be passed on and transform water into an energized elixir with healing properties within it. 


The energy from drinking an energized crystal elixir (crystal-water) can help bring more balance into your life, create more awareness, improve self-care and promote feelings of positivity. Moreover, every crystal has different healing properties so you are able to uniquely modify the healing benefits depending on which crystals you place in your JIVA bottle.


Our bodies are 70% water so it is important to make sure the water you drink is of good quality. Pure & energized water allows your mind & body to function at it's maximum level.  

Our Co-Founder Nicole learned about the healing benefits of water in 2010 while in Bali. While there she studied Dr. Masaru Emoto's work, who is the best-selling author of "Messages from Water." You can learn more about him here

Our Bottles

Our bottles hold 16oz of water (fill it 4 times to meet your water intake for the day) & offer a safer, BPA-free, ethically sourced alternative to plastic and chemically processed bottles. Each hand-blown, borosilicate glass bottle features a curated, hand-chosen selection of Rose Quartz crystals from around the world.

Every bottle also includes a rose colored carrying sleeve and infusion insert for fruit or tea.


Every JIVA bottle comes with a Rose Quartz crystal kit. Rose Quartz was chosen because of it's healing properties that include promoting unconditional love, compassion and forgiveness. 

However, every JIVA bottles’s crystals are removable! We now offer crystal kits so you can change your crystals as you wish! See which other crystals we offer here.


With every bottle sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to a Mental Health Charity.

We chose Mental Health as our charity of choice because our co-founder, Nicole's life work is in Psychiatry. After losing her father and sister at young ages, Nicole has dedicated her life to serving the health & wellness community. Our goal is to shed more light on Mental Health Awareness.


We ship all around the world! We now offer FREE Shipping within the US with standard shipping. Orders placed outside the US will be calculated at checkout. 

Wear & tear

 We understand that normal wear & tear happens over time, if you have any concerns around your JIVA bottle please send us an email and we will help you in any way!