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Our Story


Classy and refined, our hand-blown, Borosilicate glass drinking bottles are designed to not only look beautiful but attract positive energy through the healing power of Rose Quartz crystals.

While studying to be a yoga teacher, our Co-Founder Nicole learned about the power of “The Hidden Messages in Water.” She was fascinated by this concept which showed that by writing a positive or inspiring word on a bottle of water could actually change the frequency of the water. Positive words written on a bottle of water, when flash frozen, would create beautiful, angelic snowflake images. On the other hand, negative words were found to create distorted images.

With that being said, if humans are made up of 50% water, how do you think our thoughts affect us?

Taken a step further in the pursuit of wellness, every bottle is lined with hand chosen Rose Quartz crystals from all around the world. Rose Quartz was chosen for its array of healing benefits. It is a sensitive and uplifting stone that symbolizes love and is known to purify the heart of anger and jealousy. It's used to attract happiness, encourage self love, compassion, create harmony, offer inner peace and promote unconditional love.

Here at LIVE JIVA, our mission is to provide a more eco-friendly, safer option to the average water bottle. Our bottles are BPA free, ethically sourced and are made  of hand-blown Borosilicate glass that can tolerate hot or cold temperatures. Take your drinking experience to a whole new level with LIVE JIVA water bottles.



LIVE JIVA Mental Health


We also give back! With every bottle sold, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to a Mental Health charity. Purchase with purpose and support Mental Health Awareness.