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About Us

Transform your everyday drinking water into high vibrational crystal water

LIVE JIVA was created by a former Yogi and Psychiatry PA-C who's passion is to help people live a healthier and happier life. In 2010 while studying yoga in Bali, Indonesia, Nicole our Co-founder, learned about the healing properties of crystals and how crystals can transform regular water into high vibrational drinking water.


What is high vibrational drinking water?

Did you know that crystals are millions of years old and were formed during earth’s creation? These bits of magic retain all of the information they have ever been exposed to and pass it onto those that come in contact with them. That’s why crystals are so powerful, their energy can literally transform the water they are next too. 

The Hidden Messages in Water

While studying in Bali, Nicole also learned about "The Hidden Messages in Water" written by Dr. Masaru Emoto. This New York Times bestselling book, shows how the influence of our thoughts, words and feelings can change the molecules of water in a positive way. Crystals and their energy have the ability to change average water into water comparable to spring water!



In our society of being "always on the go" we can easily feel over worked, burnt out and simply exhausted. Drinking crystal-water can help you bring more balance into your life, reduce stress, improve self-care and promote feelings of positivity. Feel better & infuse your soul with every sip!

Our Bottles

Our bottles offer a safer, BPA-free, ethically sourced alternative to plastic and chemically processed bottles. Each hand-blown, borosilicate glass bottle features a curated, hand-chosen selection of healing crystals from around the world. With every bottle you will also receive a free rose colored carrying sleeve and infusion insert for fruit or tea. 


With every bottle sold, a portion of the proceeds are donated to a Mental Health Charity. We chose Mental Health as our charity of choice because Nicole's life work is in Psychiatry. After watching her father suffer from depression and PTSD from the effects war for years then losing his life to cancer when she was 10 years old, Nicole has dedicated her life to Mental Health. She realizes that we need to bring more awareness to the Mental Health Community and our hope is that you can help us spread the word too! 


We ship all around the world! We now offer FREE Shipping within the US with standard shipping. Orders placed outside the US will be calculated at checkout.