Jīva (जीव). [jee-vuh]:


BPA-free. Ethically sourced. Hand-blown, borosilicate glass.

Welcome to LIVE JIVA! We believe in the power of natural, wholistic living. Our products reflect this, offering a safe, BPA-free, ethically sourced alternative to plastic and chemically processed bottles. Each hand-blown, borosilicate glass bottle features a curated, hand-chosen selection of healing crystals from around the world.

Together, we can become safer, healthier, and soul-infused!


I've always felt bad about the amount of garbage my family consumes. LIVE JIVA provides a beautiful and simple way to improve my sustainability.

Susanna S., NY

My LIVE JIVA rose quartz stones are like a daily dose of therapy in a water bottle!

Taylor W., WY

I use my LIVE JIVA water bottle to infuse the power of healing energies (and my collection of essential oils) into my body daily.

Casey T., CA.

The Healing Power of Rose Quartz.

We chose rose quartz because of it's use in eastern cultures as a unique healing crystal. Tradition recognizes rose quarts as a powerful symbol of compassion, self love, and purity of body, mind, and soul.